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Menelik Cóndor

Arriving by plane to El Calafate, get on the road 11 to Rio Gallegos. After 15 km, turn left and get on the road 40 north until you reach the town of Tres Lagos (approx. 130 km). Here you find the last gas station (YPF) before the village on the left at the end of the asphalt road. From there, follow the Provincial Road 31 (approx.72 km) until the mountain Kach Aike. Now turn left on the provincial road 33.
The last 48 km, you will cross different estancias along the San Martin Lake before you finally arrive to the Estancia El Condor.

Estimated distances:
Tres Lagos: 120km
El Chalten: 220km
El Calafate Airport: 240km
El Calafate: 260km
Gobernador Gregores: 300km
Estancia Menelik: 420km

Suggested vehicle:
4 WD in off season (September-December and March-May). With a standard car, you can reach the estancia in summer (January-February). Always tell the people at the YPF station in Tres Lagos that you are going to the estancia. We will contact them in case you have problems.
Gas stations:
El Calafate: YPF and Petrobrás
El Chalten: Gas station at the entrance of the village
Tres Lagos: YPF on the left before the village

The weather in estancia El Cóndor
The estancia has moderate mountain climate. During the day between 15 and 20º C in spring and autumn and between 5 and 10º C at night. In summertime, the temperatures can reach 25º C and between 10 to 15º C at night.
Strong winds are common during summer, we advise you to bring layers of clothes. 

Photo credits: Francisco Bedeschi, Celine Frers, Rafael Smart.
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