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Towards fulfilling our objectives:

Care of the environment at the core of the project

Cielos Patagónicos is an Argentine Company dedicated to the concept and development of real estate and tourist developments oriented towards conservation. It was founded in 1998 and its area of focus is Southern Patagonia.

Our strategy has been to purchase lands situated in geographical areas with high natural potential, whose value has slowly increased as a result of our approach to conservation management. We are working on the challenge of establishing a meeting point between development and conservation, and we follow the guiding principle of preserving the natural, historical and cultural heritage of the lands.

This approach means that we carry out ecological surveys before defining any development plans. We set up a zone system based on different conservation values and use capacity, promoting environmentally friendly management practices.

We have brought together a large group of investors – close to 300 shareholders – mostly from Argentina. Many of them became involved the project gradually, visiting the area with their families and friends, and strengthening their commitment until they became custodians of this natural heritage, and guarantors of its future.